Detoxify Your Hair Follicles- Top Wash

Passing the Hair Follicle Test

This test is normally conducted to check if a person has been using drugs for a long time. Some employers who are very interested in knowing if you have a history of drug use are the ones that go for this type of drug from woman

It takes a while for THC to appear in the hair. It can take at least weeks for the hair to grow in the area of the hairline that the hair is removed to take the test. In this article we will out line the best hair follicle detox shampoo for drug test in 2018. The hair drug test is a very expensive testing method, and it takes a longer time to develop results. There are few hair shampoos that work effectively to remove toxins from the hair so THC would not be detected. Aside from using these hair shampoos, there is really no other way to beat this test.

Methods that don’t help to pass drug tests:

The following remedies do not in anyway help to remove THC from the system and will not help in passing a drug test. They include:

1. Niacin:

This substance usually makes the skin feel tingly. There is no guaranty that it actually works. It has been said that when it is used with goldenseal, it helps to remove toxins from the body. This does not, however, guaranty that THC will be removed from the hair long

2. Goldenseal

This is a very bitter herb that does a lot of things which doesn’t involve removing THC from the system. It can actually hurt the stomach if it is taken in large quantity and any drug tests done will come out as inconclusive. You will be told to take the tests again.

3. Vinegar

Vinegar is widely known for its detoxifying qualities but whether it is able to mask THC in the system is yet to be proved. If tests are carried out on the urine, it will come out as inconclusive. It is not really worth it because of the discomfort you will experience by consuming a large amount of vinegar, and yet one would still have to take the tests all over again.

4. Bleach

Bleach actually works and will remove any indication of THC, but one would need to carry the bleach at hand. Another problem with this is that it can easily be detected because most labs look out for this and will screen for bleach. One would have to take the test again.

5. Cranberry Juice:

Also, other remedies like cranberry juice have been misconstrued to help pass drug tests. It has no relation to removing THC in the system when used alone. There are claims that cranberry juice can mask the THC metabolites but this is false because when tests are conducted, the result comes out as inconclusive. The lab will reject the urine sample, and you would be asked to take the test again.

6. Herbal Teas:

There are many companies that have come up with different herbal teas that claim to help remove toxins from the body. None of these claims has been proved medically. Herbal teas are useful for many things but helping to pass drug tests is no guaranty. There have however been testimonies of their effectiveness, but experts believe the success rate has more to do with the consumption of water which will dilute the concentration of THC in the system.

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